Eyes. Lips. Face. HAUL


E.L.F. Lengthening & Defining Mascara in black brown.

Small Haul - Mango & Zara.

Black denim jacket from Mango (€ 49,99), Red leopard purse with studs from Zara (€ 9,99, on sale), Beige/Brown belt with studs from Zara (€ 9,99, on sale), Blue sleeveless denim jacket from Zara
 (€ 22,99, on sale)
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Say hello to my two new friends.

Say hello to my two new friends, which are the Benefit Sugarbomb powder and the Mac mineralize skinfinish powder in the shade soft and gentle.


Sagt Hallo zu meinen neuen Freunden, dem Benefit Sugarbomb Puder/Rouge und dem Mac mineralize skinfinish Puder in der Farbe soft and gentle.

Two (beautiful) faces.

As I wrote in my first blog post, everyone is beautiful with or without makeup. Here’s a photo of mine, where you can see me without makeup one the left and with on the right. The only thing that’s without any make up are my lips, I just have moisturizer on them.
Take the same photograph of yourself and take a look and analyze your skin without makeup next to your skin with makeup on.
My skin type is sensitive to dry, sometimes normal, but only on very good summer days.
Some of you may have normal skin, very oily skin, acne skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, dry skin or any combination of those skin types, but even if your skin has any imperfections, always remember it’s still beautiful.
I have to say my skin was very good when I took that photo and it’s mostly recently, but there was a time, when my skin was very dry, chapped and such a mess.
I had neurodermatitis when I was a toddler, but it disappeared in time, but when I became fifteen years old, it started all from the beginning, sometimes I was really stressed, because my skin hurts so much and was so dramatically chapped, that I even can’t, but any makeup on and that was so horrible for me, because I just wanted to hide myself behind tons of makeup, so that nobody can see how I really looked like.
I tried everything and nothing helped me, some products made it even more worst, but the only thing I never tried was to accept it and say to myself “I’m okay, with that, I’m beautiful, this is just who I am”.
It all got better after I accepted my own skin and when I began to work at the pharmacies, because I finally found something I loved to do, I was happy after I saw that everybody has any problem with their own skin, I met so many people who had some problem with their skin, either with oily to acne skin, dry or sensitive skin like me, or normal skin with some red areas they just can’t remove.
Also some products from the pharmacies helped me as well, but I have to take care of my skin every single day, if I wouldn’t do that my skin would look the same as it did years before.  
Always remember nobody has perfect skin, we all have problems with our skin, and those who have a beautiful facial skin, may have stretch marks or varicosity, but you just can’t see it.
Nobody is perfect and as I said that’s just perfect.

The first Post.

So at first I just wanted to post something about me and a picture of me, so that you can see who’s behind all that.
As I wrote in the about me description, I am 22 years old and I felt in love with beauty and fashion since I can think, but I have to say I don’t think that makeup and clothes can make you more beautiful, I personally think, it can only help to show more of your beauty.
For me makeup and fashion is a statement and a good thing to show different ways of you.
Don’t hide behind makeup, a no-makeup day is not a bad day, I always have those days and I like them as much I like those days, when I style myself.
The most catching thing about makeup and fashion for me is the fact how many looks and let me call it faces one single person can wear, it’s so incredible. I really love make-overs.
But ladies never forget you are as beautiful without makeup, as you’re with it, because beauty comes from the inside out.
If you have any questions and request for some special posts or stuff you want to see or to learn, let me know, I will try my best to help every one of you, as good as I can.